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Eighties UK bad boys The Mission are heading down under for their 30th Anniversary tour this November, the first time they’ve set foot in Australia since 1990. Known as the kings of excess, the band’s memory of their last trip is hazy as they embraced the rock n roll lifestyle while the world fell in love with goth rock gems like Wasteland, Stay with Me and Butterfly on a Wheel.

“30 bloody years! Who would’ve thought it, eh?” said vocalist Wayne Hussey. “As we were well renowned for our, ahem, lifestyle choices, shall we say, I remember Melody Maker ran an office pool betting which member of The Mission would die first. I seem to remember Mick was the favourite with yours truly running a close 2nd. Well, we’re still here, alive and well and still going strong.”

With over 4 million albums sold worldwide over nine albums, The Mission’s status as one of the world’s cult rock acts has never been questioned, winning countless accolades and inspiring both lurid media stories and a fanatical following as they toured constantly. Highlights such as seven consecutive sold out shows at the Astoria Theatre in London (a house record never beaten), headlining the famous Reading Festival twice, and also playing with U2, The Cure and Robert Plant all make the bands lengthy list of accolades.

Despite trips to countries as far flung as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, Peru, Portugal, Hungary, South Africa, Greece (Recon 2000 tour), this will be only the band’s second trip to Australia.
“(In 1990) Australia fell in the middle of a year-long tour and by that time the band were hardly talking to each other, I was using white powders fairly heavily, and I was as were the band, quite frankly, in a bit of a mess,” said Hussey. “Now I’m healthier both physically and spiritually and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. Hence I am really looking forward to returning and experiencing Australia as if it was my first time. And with a reasonable coherency.”

Tickets for The Mission 30th Anniversary Tour go on sale January 25. For tickets and more details, visit

Friday 11th November The Factory, Sydney
Saturday 12th November Triffid, Brisbane
Sunday 13th November Max Watts, Melbourne
Tuesday 15th November The Gov, Adelaide
Wednesday 16th November Capitol, Perth

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