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The Ronson Hangup – the Melbourne indie-super group formed around the partnership of Steve Pinkerton and Ashley Naylor – have released video for “SSDD”, the new single from their recent acclaimed album Centaurus.

The single and video follows the release of the debut album by Steve Pinkerton’s other project Pinkerton Pendlebury, which also features ARIA-winning guitarist Andrew Pendlebury of Melbourne legends the Sports.

The Ronson Hangup – “SSDD (Same Shit Different Day)” (Official Video)
The Ronson Hangup – the Melbourne indie-super group formed around the partnership of Steve Pinkerton and Ashley Naylor – have released release a video for their new single, the glorious jangler “SSDD (Same Shit Different Day)”, from their recent album Centaurus.

Says Pinkerton of the new single: “’SSDD (Same Shit Different Day)’ deals with the concept of ‘contentment’ – and is a celebration of the mundane or ordinary. In the key of A minor, it swings with upbeat energy driven by Ash’s Johnny Marr-esque guitar riff. “

SSDD” will be launched April 19 at St Kilda’s George Lane. Tickets are available here.

The new single comes amidst a hive of activity of both the group’s principals. It follows the release of the eponymous debut album by Steve Pinkerton’s other project Pinkerton Pendlebury – also featuring ARIA-winning guitarist Andrew Pendlebury of Melbourne legends the Sports – as well Ashley Naylor’s first Sydney show – a sell-out – with his new band Spaceship, which he formed to play the instrumental music featured on his new solo album Soundtracks Vol.2.

‘Pinkerton Pendlebury’ is out now. It will be launched by the full Pinkerton Pendlebury band – which includes bass player Steve Hadley (Paul Kelly, Tex Perkins & The Rubber Band, Black Sorrows, Vince Jones) and guitarist Jason Kain (Jackson Code, Louis Tillet’s Wet Taxis) – on Friday May 3 at George Lane in St Kilda. Tickets are available here.

Naylor also debuted another new project, Monterey Honey, which sees Naylor in partnership with old friend David Preston, former member of UK band My Drug Hell. The first result of this new collaboration is a stellar self-titled EP of guitar pop that has been released digitally and as a strictly limited 12″ vinyl pressing of 100 copies only, and a 100-copies only CD on Naylor’s El Reno Records label! (Check it out here: Down to Me | Monterey Honey ( 

The Ronson Hangup – Centaurus album cover

The Ronson Hangup formed around the partnership of STEVE PINKERTON, former frontman of The Anyones (aka The Everyones in the US) and current longtime drummer for Dallas Crane, and ASHLEY NAYLOR, much-loved Melbourne guitarist who recently joined The Church (he plays on their new album The Hypnogogue), is a longtime member of both Paul Kelly’s band and The Rockwiz Orchestra, and who has fronted popular Melbourne trio Even since the early ’90s.

The Ronson Hangup’s self-titled debut album was released in 2010. Joining Steve and Ashley in the group are drummer DAVE MUDIE (best known as Courtney Barnett’s long-term drummer), bass player LUKE THOMAS (The Pictures, Central Rain etc) and vocalist ERICA MENTING who has worked with The Golden Rail and others.

The tracks on Centaurus were written either collaboratively by Steve and Ashley, or by Steve solo – and they were brought to life by the musicianship of each of the band members. Co-founder and former member MAL PINKERTON trades guitar riffs with Ash on six of the tracks.

The album was preceded by two singles. The first, “Waxes and Wanes”, highlighted the group’s glorious jangle and harmony, while the second, the album’s title track, showed off the band’s heavier riffing side. Jeff Jenkins in Rhythms has described the group’s vibe as “Half-Beatles, half-Zeppelin” and the group’s name is a tip of the hat to Mick Ronson from David Bowie’s Spiders from Mars band in the 70’s. Put all that together, add a bit of something like The Stone Roses, and you’ll have a fair idea of the band’s overall sound. Echos of Steve’s work in The Anyones and Ashley’s work in Even and The Church abound.

The new album was partly recorded with WAYNE CONNOLLY at Head Gap Studios and mixed at Albert Studios while the remainder was recorded and mixed by Steve at his home studio.

Guests on the album include award-winning classical guitarist SLAVA GRIGORYAN, acclaimed jazz pianist TONY GOULD AM, JANE PINKERTON (sister of Steve & Mal) who has spent many years with The Australian Opera, and pedal steel guitarist SHANE REILLY (Lost Ragas, Tex Perkins, Beck).

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