Growing up, YolanDa Brown played piano, violin, drums, and oboe before settling on the saxophone as her main instrument. As further proof that her thirst for knowledge was as great as her love for music, YolanDa notched up two masters degrees in Operations Management, began a PhD and learned Spanish to fluency while still playing part-time gigs with her saxophone.

The British Saxophonist/ composer went on to release three recordings; A Step Closer, April Showers, May Flowers, and Love Politics War, showcasing a unique combination of reggae, jazz and soul, which she self-describes as ‘Posh Reggae’.

In between touring the world regularly with her band, YolanDa also presents a children’s TV show, hosts a gospel music radio show and another for British Airways. She’s about to write a book on improvisation and record a new album which will celebrate her 10th year as a professional musician.

YolanDa was recently in Australia and somehow found the time to chat with Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips during her residency at Melbourne jazz club Bird’s Basement.

Photos below by Greg Phillips of YolanDa and band at Bird’s Basement